4 Ways You Can Start Make Money with a Blog

Many people consider blogging to be nothing more than an online diary, or a marketing tool used by businesses. For professional freelance writers however, and indeed anyone who wishes to make some extra money online, blogging can be an effective way to generate extra income. Below are five ways that you can make money with a blog.


make money with a blog


Start Make Money with a Blog


1) Advertisements

One of the most common ways to generate income from your blog is to place adverts. You can choose which adverts you wish to display from a number of dedicated sites, and there are two ways in which you can be paid commission, either by click or by sale. Of course companies will only put adverts on sites that have a chance of generating sales for them, so before you think about this route then you will need to establish your blog and generate a steady stream of visitors; The only way you can do this is to create interesting content which people will want to come back to. You will also need to think carefully about who visits your site, and subsequently which adverts will be popular and appropriate for them.


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2) Guest Blogging

Once you have written a number of blogs and gained some experience, then you can start offering to guest blog for bigger and more popular sites. This has two main benefits. The first is that some of these guest spots are paid, so you can supplement your income by essentially carrying out freelance work. The second is by posting a link to your own blog in whatever you write. If people like what they read then they will visit to see what else you offer and you have therefore just increased your audience. This will particularly work in your favor if you guest blog for a site which has a similar niche to yours. The audience will be more likely to visit your site as they are already fans of whatever area you specialize in.


3) Sell products

The best way to make money from your blog is to use it as a business front. If you have a product to sell, then a popular blog is a good front to market it to people. These need not be physical items that you need to ship; they are usually eBooks that people can download from your site.  It is also possible to make money from a blog through selling someone else products. You can sign up with a company that will sell there product through your site if it gets a lot of visitors, and you will earn a percentage commission from the sale.


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4) Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are similar to advertisements; they are an arrangement whereby a site pays another site, your blog, to direct traffic to them. These may not necessarily take the form of an advert; they may simply be a link in the text or in an image. They are an easy way to make money with a blog, and like advertisements you are paid either per visitor to their site from yours, or whenever that visitor signs up to the site. Rather than having to seek out potential affiliate clients yourself, there are networking sites which will display all the available companies and you can simply pick which ones you want. People will tend to click on a link more if they trust the site or if it is in a similar niche to your site, so consider this when choosing which affiliate programs you want. Don’t overcrowd your site with links either, as this will detract from the content.