Promote your Blog | 10 Easy Methods

You may have set up a personal site, and posted well-written, entertaining blogs that are sure to be popular; but this is only the first step. You will now have to market and promote your blog, because no-one is going to stumble onto your blog by chance, you will need to let people know its there and convince them to come back for more. Here are ten things you can do to promote your blog.


promote your blog



Easy Methods Promote your Blog


1) Make the site appealing

For writers, a site should be relatively simple. By all means add some color and interest to the page, but the images should not swamp the text, which should be easy to read and find. First impressions count for a great deal online, and your site layout will be the first thing that people see when they visit your site; to successfully promote your blog, you must first ensure that it is presentable


2) Use Social Networking

A Facebook page, to which you can link your blog, is a must. Today Facebook is one of the major ways in which we connect with friends and followers, and if you don’t link to your page, then your blog is missing out on hundreds of potential visitors. If people like your blog, then they will indicate as such and share it with friends, thus increasing potential readers even further.


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3) Comment on Other Blogs

Find a blog which is in a similar field to your own, and start following it. If you read a blog that you particularly like, then leave a comment saying so, and put in a link to your own, perhaps with a comment explaining why people should visit it. The blogger may well return the favor, and you will both have the advantage of increasing your readership with like-minded fans.


4) Use SEO effectively

Outside social networking, Google is the big thing when it comes to promoting your blog. Search Engine optimization(SEO) is the process by which Google lists sites based on keywords when people search. If you are writing a blog on a particular area, then put in plenty of keywords related to it in your blog. This way, when people search for that area, your blog is more likely to be displayed in the results. Try to make it look like a natural part of the blog however, don’t flood it with the keywords.


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5) Post Content Regularly

If no new content is posted for a long time, then people will start to drift away. If however there are regular updates, then followers will stay, and your readership will increase as they start to recommend you to friends .Try to set a date of either once a week or fortnight when the new blog will be published and advertise it as such, so that people who have not subscribed to feeds will know when to visit.

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6) Know your audience

You will need to be familiar with your target audience and what their level of knowledge is in the field that you are writing for. If you are aiming at self help guides for newcomers, then lots of technical jargon will put them off. Conversely, using simple language for a target audience of peers will sound patronizing. Both scenarios will ultimately result in a loss of readership and followers.



7) Use Syndication

There are several site which use syndication. This is where you sign up to them in the agreement that your blog can be posted on several other websites. Although there is little to no money in this, unlike advertising, it is a good way to get exposure for your blog and market it to people who would not necessarily have become aware of it.


8)  Post Quality Blogs

Whilst it is important to promote your blog with regular content, it is equally essential that these blogs are of a good quality. A poorly written or researched piece may stop someone from re-visiting, unless it’s a one off. However it will certainly result in them not recommending you. A very good blog on the other hand, generates positive buzz and word of mouth, and will often result in your readership increasing.


9) Submit your URL to Blog Sites


There are several sites which people sign up to in order to search for blogs of a particular topic. You can submit your URL to these sites, and when people search for your area then you will appear as a recommendation. This makes promoting your blog must simpler, as the people on there are already looking for a blog to read, you just need to convince them to read yours.


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10) Be Patient

Promoting your blog will take time. When you start, and you only have one or two blogs published, then there will only be a trickle of visitors. If you have good content however, and market it properly, then you will start to see the snowball effect become apparent, as followers will share with their friends, who will share with their own followers and your readership will, in the best case scenario, start to increase exponentially.

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