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For those of you who are new to freelancing, one look at the opportunities and jobs out there can have a pretty demoralizing effect on you. For fields such as writing in particular, there can be hundreds of applicants for each hob, many of whom can offer their services at much lower wages than you are prepared to work for. Of course, it is common knowledge that new freelances should take any job they can get, regardless of the wage, but eventually you will need to acquire a way of separating yourself from the competition.


One Thing for Freelance Success

One Thing for Freelance Success :


The most successful freelancers are not just the ones that can write the best piece of work, or design the most productive website; they are the ones who can get the jobs in the first place. Clients know that if they wanted, they could get a solution to their needs that was serviceable, but would cost next to nothing. There are many clients though who are looking for the best, and what they need when communicating with a freelancer is honesty.


This is not honesty in the sense that you tell them your weakness and what you cannot do; quite the opposite in fact. You will certainly need to sell yourself, tell and where possible show through previous work what your skills are, and how good a solution you can provide for them. By honesty, I mean that they are not looking for someone to tell them where they are going wrong; because what they are paying for is expertise.


By pointing out to the client what improvements they can make to their product, you are demonstrating to them the knowledge that you have, and that by hiring you they can make good use of that knowledge. It is therefore important not just to tell them where their product could be improved, but how you could improve it. This is how you separate yourself from the competition. You don’t just post messages on job sites filled with hyperbole and empty promises of the world; you demonstrate that you are an experienced person in your field by highlighting their problem and explaining how you can provide a solution.


Freelancers need to be proficient in two areas, and this is what makes them a breed apart from people who work a 9 to 5 job. The first area is of course the field that they want to work in, be it writing, development or design, they will need to keep up to date with their knowledge and skills in their chosen area. The second, and equally important area in which they need to be an expert is marketing. Freelancing is a buyers market; clients will often have hundreds of willing applicants to choose from, and it will be up to you to find work; certainly do not expect the jobs to come to you.


Thankfully in this respect, becoming a successful freelancer has become significantly easier in recent years with the advent of social media. Website like Twitter and Facebook has opened up a hitherto unparalleled world of self promotion. This is a double edged sword however, because the ease with which you can market yourself online simply means that everyone else can do it to, so we find ourselves back at the same principles as before; use social networking certainly, but use it well, and make sure that your knowledge and employ ability is presented as such on screen.


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It is possible, no matter if you are experienced or completely new, to become a successful freelancer. Just remember that you may be the most talented individual on the planet, but it will count for little unless clients know it, and know you.