Beginners Affiliate Marketing Guide

Market affiliation is simply advertising through your website. A company with which you are associated has a banner ad displayed on one of your pages, and you get a commission depending on how many of your visitors you get. Below are 5 things to consider before selling your space.


Market Affiliation


1) Research

 Before beginning to search for willing advertises, you need to consider what business model suits your needs. There are several methods of affiliation which are offered by companies, for instance pay per click or pay per sale. You will also need to think about what sort of business you want your site to be associated with, and whether their adverts will fit into the image you are trying to promote.


 2) Make the site appealing to companies

 Companies want their adverts to be seen, and so will not bother putting their banners on sites that no-one visits. Having said that, there is little risk involved for the companies, as all the sales work is being done by you; nevertheless, if there is no-one clicking on the add then it is a waste of their time, so before you take the market affiliation route, you should spend some time building up your traffic, which leads us on to point 3.


3) Make the site appealing to visitors

You’re only going to generate traffic if people have a reason to visit your site. Some may think they can simply fill their pages with adverts and watch the money roll in, but it is vitally important to think about the content first.  It is also worth doing some research into Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These sophisticated search strategies will greatly aid you in attracting visitors and increasing your traffic.


 4) Get the advertisements.

 There are several ways of actually getting adverts onto your site. The easiest way to do this is to register with one of the many affiliation programs. From here you can choose which advertisement you want to promote and although there is a cost involved, they remove most of the hard work, allowing you to simply select what you think is right for your site.


5) Watch your ads.

Watch how your advertisements are performing. What’s working, what’s not generating income? Market affiliation is an ever-changing market, and what sells one day may not necessarily sell the next. There are several things that can cause this; it may be the product itself or your own visitors’ lack of interest. In short don’t be afraid to adapt, and you will keep your revenue flowing in a constantly changing market.


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Market affiliation is a low risk way of making money online, but it is not a quick fix. However if you do your research, amass a following, plan your advertising space well and keep in touch with the market, then you will certainly be well rewarded.