10 LinkedIn Benefits | The networking website for Professionals

LinkedIn is a social networking platform that is designed with professionals in mind. It is used by companies looking for new business opportunities, and by jog seekers who can upload their CV and search for work. Below are sharing 10 LinkedIn benefits.

LinkedIn benefits

1) Build your own brand

Your linkedIn profile is highly customizable, allowing you to design it in a very specific way that reflects ho you are and what serviced you provide. This will enable you to build your very own brand that will set you apart from your competitors. You can add photos and portfolios, as well as adjusting the color scheme and template.


2) Search easily for jobs

There are hundreds of jobs posted on LinkedIn, and the website allows you to easily search for them. You can specify any number of variables to narrow the number of results and ensure that your ideal job is shown. The field in which you work, what qualifications are required and what salary you are looking for can all be adjusted when searching.


3) Network with the right people

LinkedIn has a big advantage over other networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It mainly attracts professionals, and as such you know that people who have an account will be business people or companies that may be able to offer you a job or opportunity. Other social networking sites are available for contact with friends, linked in is for contact with colleagues.


4) Search for specific types of people

If you are a LinkedIn user, you should have a fairly good idea of the type of person you want to connect with. The search facility allows you to find the right sort of peers or prospective employers for you. The site can also be linked to your email account, so you can find people on LinkedIn that you have already communicated with.


LinkedIn benefits for professional

5) A more professional atmosphere

There is a certain degree of etiquette on LinkedIn which you may not necessary to find elsewhere. The site is very much focused on effective communication and networking, so you shouldn’t find yourself flooded with friend requests or spam, and as such can concentrate on the connections that really matter.


6) Search for information and statistics

There is plenty of data analysis that you can do through LinkedIn that will aid you in your job search. Through the site, you can find out what skills are currently in demand for your particular field; you can also see company statistics on recent hires, promotions, or anything else that may aid you in your search.


7) Receive notifications of jobs

You can set up your profile to alert you when jobs in the area in which you are interested become available. This saves a great deal of time which may otherwise have been spent trawling through job listings; you can adjust this setting to be very specific about which jobs end up in your in tray.


8) It’s an international company

LinkedIn is a global company, with professionals from all over the world having profiles with it. This greatly increases the number of people that you can connect and share ideas with. It also provides the opportunity for you to work abroad if an overseas employer is sufficiently impressed with your profile and recommendations.


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9) Get Recommended

One of the features that LinkedIn offer is a way to get recommended. If you have a previous employer on the site, or somebody with whom you have worked in the past, then they can click a few buttons to raise your profile. Their recommendations will be seen by any prospective employers or peers, greatly increasing your credibility.


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 10) Get company information.

LinkedIn also allows you to search for information about the companies that have accounts on its site. This is a great benefit for those who want to know more about a particular organization before applying for a job or considering going into business with them. For job-seekers in particular, this allows them to research the company before applying or taking an interview.